Traveler – Gone Away (Original Mix)

Photo by Chris Miele

Photo by Chris Miele

Traveler – Hard to Fall Asleep (Original Mix) – Free Download

Hard To Fall Asleep - High Resolution

Photo by Chris Miele


Free Download: Traveler – Did You Ever (Original Mix)

Photo by Chris Miele

Photo by Chris Miele


Free Download: Traveler – Envision (Original Mix)


Photo by Chris Miele

Free Download: Traveler – Drift (Original Mix)

Photography by Chris Miele

Photography by Chris Miele

Free Download: Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Traveler Remix)


Wildlight – Conversations Between (Traveler Remix)

We just released a remix of Conversations Between by Wildlight. Enjoy :)

Shapes EP – Free Download

We have uploaded the last two tracks from “Shapes” and now have the EP available in it’s entirety as a free, high-quality download from our Bandcamp!!!!  Hope you guys enjoy the tunes and start getting ready for another EP release very very soon!!!!!


Traveler – Clarity (Original Mix) by Traveler Music


Traveler – Gotta Dance Dirty Exclusive Mixtape

Photo by Blake Bronstad


We just released an all original mixtape on Gotta Dance Dirty and we are very excited to share it with you guys.   With a mixture of unreleased material and favorites from our past releases, we feel this is a sort of culmination of our past 18 months of work.  Check out the mixtape and enjoy the free download :)

Thanks to our friends at Gotta Dance Dirty for the opportunity and thanks to Blake Bronstad for providing the awesome photography for this graphic.


Create / Negate EP – Free Download from BandCamp

Our new EP entitled Create / Negate is out today! It’s available for free via our Bandcamp page. The title refers to our production process in which we are constantly coming up with new ideas and then editing, tweaking, or often times, deleting them.

Create / Negate is a collection of songs spanning across many genres of EDM. From chill downtempo to pumping dubstep, this EP represents the versatility and scope of Traveler. Each of the 6 new songs on this EP are very different from one another while maintaining the unique Traveler sound.


Blair & Zander

Artwork by Traveler